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We’re proud that our equipment is built to last, but as you will have been advised when you purchased your Elliptical Crosstrainer, there’s a little elbow grease required to maintain things in order to extend its working life, and importantly, to make sure it’s safe for you and your family to use.

As you’re going through this checklist you should always look out for suspected faults, and wear and tear. In which instance, do not try to repair or adjust anything other than the maintenance that is outlined here. This is important for your safety and to maintain your warranty (please see the section about your warranty and servicing, at the bottom of this guide).

General Elliptical maintenance checklist

While their smooth bio-mechanical motion means elliptical cross trainers are not subject to as much impact and wear and tear as some other exercise equipment, regular maintenance and cleaning can prevent problems and extend the life of your machine.

The primary issue is the corrosive effect of salt from dried perspiration, as well as general environmental grit and dirt causing wear on moving parts. To prevent this, owners of elliptical cross trainers should:

  • After each session use a soft cloth to wipe any surfaces in contact with the hands and feet, including the handles on your elliptical and the console screen and surfaces. Avoid using solvents or harsh cleaners.
  • After each session use a damp soft cloth to wipe any areas where perspiration falls.
  • Carefully tighten any screws that have loosened from use approximately once a month, or more frequently depending on use.
  • Give your elliptical a more thorough cleaning once a month, removing any dirt and grit from around the leg and arm rails and other moving parts.
  • Twice each year unplug your elliptical, carefully remove the external housing and vacuum around the internal components, taking care not to bump or touch any electronics or cabling. The intention is to remove any dust or pet hair that might have made its way inside the machine.
  • Lubricate your elliptical as per the makers instructions.

What parts require lubricating and how often?

With so many different models and mechanisms available in the elliptical crosstrainer market, lubrication needs vary between brands. Typically lubrication is needed once per year with average use, though individual machines may need more regular attention.

Key areas that require attention and lubrication are the axle or pivot joints. There are normally 3-4 axle joints/shafts on front or rear drive machines that contain bushes or bearings and require light greasing periodically.  Although this is normally undertaken when building your elliptical, we also recommend these are checked and re-greased on a yearly basis.

Front drive Elliptical trainers have roller wheels and a track/rail system.  It is imperative that the rollers,rails or tracks are kept clean and dust free by cleaning with a soft damp cloth. Any residual sweat or corrosion spots can be cleaned off gently with a Scotch-brite green pad or baking foil (tin foil) and water. Be careful not to scratch or mark the rails when undertaking this.  We do not recommend greasing the tracks as this attracts dust and can become quite messy after general use.

If your rollers/wheels continue to squeak after cleaning, a Teflon Lubricant like Dry-Glide can be used to quieten down any unnecessary noise.

Is your Elliptical Crosstrainer on a stable flat surface?

Many squeaks or creaks are caused by incorrect leveling of the frame.  If the main frame stabilisers are not supported flat on the floor equally, the elliptical frame may flex causing the metal components to rub when in use.  Most Elliptical Trainers will come with adjustable levelers on the horizontal stabiliser bars and can be easily adjusted to cater for any imperfections in the floor surface.  A rubber mat may be recommended where thick underlay or carpet is used under the machine.  If the Elliptical continues to squeak, regularly check the front & rear stabiliser mounting bolts are securely tightened to avoid any movement.

Storing an Elliptical Crosstrainer

If you intend to put your crosstrainer into storage for an extended period you should switch off and unplug the machine, and remove any batteries from the console. Choose a dry, dust-free location and consider covering your elliptical crosstrainer with a plastic sheet to prevent dust or grime making its way into the internal mechanism.

Replacing the drive belt on your Elliptical Crosstrainer

While the drive belt on your elliptical crosstrainer should last for a long time, these do eventually wear out with heavy use. We recommend using a qualified service technician to replace the drive belt. Contact the Elite Fitness Service Department for a quote.

Elliptical Crosstrainer repair

If your elliptical crosstrainer needs fixing or maintenance other than what’s described above or in your manual, contact the Elite Fitness Service Department in the first instance.

User Manuals

Please download the manual for your elliptical model below.

Written by the EGym Supply Team,

January 10, 2020

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