Exercycle Maintenance Guide


Exercycle Maintenance Guide

We’re proud that our equipment is built to last. But as you will have been advised when you purchased your exercycle, there’s a little elbow grease required to maintain things in order to extend the life the exercise bikes, and importantly, to make sure they’re safe for you and your family to use.

As you’re going through this checklist you should always look out for suspected faults, and wear and tear. In which instance, do not try to repair or adjust anything other than the maintenance that is outlined here.

This is important for your safety and to maintain your warranty (please see the section about your warranty and servicing, at the bottom of this guide).

How to clean your exercycle

Turn off your exercycle at the wall for safety.

Wipe down any dust and sweat from exercycle surfaces, especially the handlebars and console, with a damp cloth or towel. Please do not use solvents.

Use a small vacuum nozzle to carefully vacuum around all visible components. If you have pets, vacuum around the compartment more frequently and try to keep the area around the machine as hair-free as possible.

Consider how clean the areas are where your exercycle is being used and is being stored.  A dusty room or cupboard is not ideal as dust, carpet fibres and dirt is easily collected in crevasses.

Check your exercycle for vibrations

Regular or heavy use of your exercycle can see it develop vibrations, movement or noises over time which can lead to unnecessary wear and friction.

To check your exercycle, sit on the seat and and begin pedalling slowly so that the drive chain is engaged. Pay attention to any unusual noises or movement and if needed tighten any fixing screws, especially around the base of your bike. Pay close attention to the movement of the pedals – are they loose, or noisy? If so tighten screws and consider a light lubrication on any moving parts.

Finally, check that the base of you exercycle is sitting stable on the floor, and on a flat surface – a wobbly or uneven floor can cause your bike to move unnecessary.

Tightening fixing screws on your exercycle

Check the tightness of all fixing screws once a year, and tighten where they’re loose. Do not overtighten them though (it’s a fine balance).

Resetting your exercycle

If the electronic components of your exercycle are not working (or perhaps you’ve recently performed maintenance), you might need to just reset it.

Most exercycle has a reset button and or a few buttons on the console that need to be pushed – check your manual for instructions (most are online).

If it is still not working, contact us.

If you smell or see smoke

Immediately discontinue any use and unplug the exercycle. Contact us for service recommendations and next steps.

Storing an exercycle

Your exercycle should be kept somewhere dry – never in a damp spot to collect mould.

Be careful it’s not too hot either, to look after the machinery inside.

Store it away from any dust, lint and hair, and when it’s up, vacuum around it. Some of our customers cover their machines with plastic or a cloth cover which is a great idea.

Your Elite Fitness exercycle warranty and servicing

Please remember that any damage caused to the equipment due to the disregard of this maintenance guide will not be covered by warranty. 

If you have spotted or suspect defective components, they must be replaced immediately – the equipment must not be operated. This is for your own safety.

Any servicing must be performed by an authorised service representative at Elite Fitness Equipment. The golden rule is that if you’re unsure, give us a call and we’ll be happy to advise you on next steps.

How much will a service cost?

We can provide comprehensive service options to both retail and commercial customers, including service agreements tailored to you and your exercycle use.

If you’re after a one-off service just drop us a line for a quote. The price will range based on the model, existing or suspected issues and where in New Zealand you are based.

We do operate a free call centre to help you resolve issues if you wish to carry out some user maintenance yourself and need a helping hand.

Elite User Manuals

Please download the manual for your exercycle model below.

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Written by Elite Fitness Team,

July 23, 2019

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